standard Pebble Announces New Pebble Steel and Dedicated App Store Coming Soon


With CES ’14 starting to kick off, the king of CES ’13 has come in for round town; Pebble, the smart watch maker that launched as a kick-starter last year has just announced a second device added to their lineup of available products. The Pebble Steel, as the name would indicate comes in a nice stainless steel variant, rather than the glossy plastic that the pebble first launched with. The aim of the new design is to target consumers who were hesitant to pick up the original pebble because the flashy glossy plastic didn’t fit in with their life-styles; or seemed “cheap”.

The new Pebble Steel will sell for $100 more than the original pebble ($250 for the Steel $150 for the original), and comes with a thinner profile, smaller body size (with the same screen size though) and an additional leather band in the box. The steel band comes in either a matte black finish (right above), or a brushed silver steel look (center above).

Also announced was that the original pebble model has sold over 300,000 units over the past year, a huge achievements for any kickstarter. Pebble also took the opportunity to announce version 2.0 of the smart watches OS; which brings some general speed and performance upgrades, as well as support for an upcoming pebble app store with dedicated ads.



Read more at the official Pebble blog and order your own at the link below:

Pebble Blog