standard Samsung Rumored to be Preparing 5″ 1080p Windows Phone 8 Device, “SM-W750V”

SamsungAccording to various rumors and bits of evidence, it appears that Samsung is preparing to release at least one more WP8 device to their Ativ line-up which has seen little success, and even less support from Samsung themselves. Samsung never truly dedicated themselves to releasing a proper Windows Phone device ever since Nokia joined the platform, but perhaps they’ve taken Nokia’s impending sale of their devices and services division as an oppertunity to breach the WP marketshare.

The rumored device is said to carry a 5″ screen with a 1080p resolution, which would make it the highest pixel density Windows Phone available, unless we see the rumored Nokia Icon for Verizon which is rumored to have identical specs for the screen. Hopefully Samsung carry through with the device as the WP platform could use a breath of fresh air as well add some interest to the platform.

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