standard Nokia Normandy’s Android UI Leaked Again; Shows Windows Phone Like Tiles

EVLEAKSThanks to @evleaks we now have an even closer look at the UI of Nokia’s upcoming Android deice, the Nokia Normandy. The UI seems to be a mix of Android + Windows Phone as well as a hint of Meego; the main homescreen seems to have tile like widgets very reminiscent of Windows Phone’s live tiles, as well as some icons that look like they’ve been copied straight off of Windows Phone (such as the Photo and Skype shortcuts); however the app notifications on the right half of the image would not be out of place in an Android or Meego device.

It’s even more interesting to see the number of apps and games that have already been ported and made available for the device, including Vine, BBM, SKype and Viber; all big names app that are essential for the success of a device.

According to @evleaks there are “two ways to interact” with the phone, presumably giving the option to select a tile/grid layout or a list? Regardless it looks like a very promising device till now.

Via MyNokiaBlog

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