standard Google and Samsung Enter 10 Patent Licensing Agreement; Samsung Rumored to Dump Tizen and Touchwiz

samsung-sign-9231The Android giant Samsung has just struck a deal with their OS provider, Big G to enter a 10 year cross patent licencing agreement which should cover all future patent registrations as well. Accordign to Eldar the outcome of this agreement lead to a couple other decisions, mainly that Samsung will stop further development of their horrid Touchwiz android skin, and will move back to a more “google look”, interesting as we’ve already seen leaks of what the next version of touchwiz is supposed to look like (and it’s not half bad- image below).


The other major change is that Samsung seem to have decided to stop developing, and working on Tizen devices, but Samsung will have more “Google Play” devices, with the “nexus-like” android experience. One must wonder if Google was asked to unload Motorola to help make this deal go through.






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