standard Google and Samsung Enter 10 Patent Licensing Agreement; Samsung Rumored to Dump Tizen and Touchwiz

samsung-sign-9231The Android giant Samsung has just struck a deal with their OS provider, Big G to enter a 10 year cross patent licencing agreement which should cover all future patent registrations as well. Accordign to Eldar the outcome of this agreement lead to a couple other decisions, mainly that Samsung will stop further development of their horrid Touchwiz android skin, and will move back to a more “google look”, interesting as we’ve already seen leaks of what the next version of touchwiz is supposed to look like (and it’s not half bad- image¬†below).


The other major change is that Samsung seem to have decided to stop developing, and working on Tizen devices, but Samsung will have more “Google Play” devices, with the “nexus-like” android experience. One must wonder if Google was asked to unload Motorola to help make this deal go through.






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