standard Lenovo Acquires Motorola for $2.91 Billion From Google

debian_lenovo_hd1080_wallpaper_by_malkowitch-d3f840sAfter Google purchased Motorla for over $12 Billion almost 2 years ago, the company didn’t really go anywhere; the only real game changing phone they announced was the Moto X. Now in some surprising news Lenovo has bought Motorola Mobility from Google as a segway into the US mobile market; the heavily discounted pricetag is due to the fact that Google will be holding on to Motorola’s impressive share of patents and some other divisions, however Lenovo will be licensed Motorola’s patents to use them at their will.

Lenovo has been eyeing the smartphone world for a while now, they even attempted to buy out Blackberry a while back when BB was (still is?) in major trouble, but that fell through. Google and Lenovo hope to work together to help make some better Android phones… Let’s see what happens.