standard Liveblog: Build 2014/Windows Phone 8.1 Announcement

Build 2014 logo-578-80Build 2014 kicks off in almost 30 minutes, we’re expecting to hear the latest announcements about Windows Phone 8.1 and the future of Microsoft’s mobile divisions and Nokia acquisition, stay tuned!

*note: this is our first attempt at a liveblog, but it’s our attempt to keep things clean and simple without flooding with posts.


Ali April 2, 20144:57 pm

That’s pretty much it for WP news at the moment (at least in terms of liveblogging), but we’ll keep updating geekongadgets with more stories..

Ali April 2, 20144:28 pm

Sync of bing between phone and browser

Ali April 2, 20144:27 pm

And now we’re talking about Windows 8.1 Update 1…. not as interesting.

Ali April 2, 20144:26 pm

Special timing for developers… annnddd he won’t say…

Ali April 2, 20144:26 pm

Available on brand new phones in Late April and early may…

Ali April 2, 20144:26 pm

WP will roll out to consumers in the next few months BOOOOOOO

Ali April 2, 20144:25 pm

IE 11 Now comes to WP as well with in private viewing and “reading mode”

Ali April 2, 20144:25 pm

Wifi Sense automatically shares wifi passowrds between WP and windows computers

Ali April 2, 20144:24 pm

Windows Phone Wordflow is now the world record holder for fastest typing on a smartphone.

Ali April 2, 20144:23 pm

Worlds fastest typer giving hte wordflow dude a go

Ali April 2, 20144:22 pm

Ali April 2, 20144:21 pm

“Shape writing”

Ali April 2, 20144:21 pm

Updated Wordflow keyboard!!! (Swipe?)

Ali April 2, 20144:20 pm

The new skype will switch the call to video once the app is ready.

Ali April 2, 20144:19 pm

New skype options in call! And cortana showing reminders about the new puppy!

Ali April 2, 20144:19 pm

His sister’s calling…..

Ali April 2, 20144:19 pm

Providing access to INTERNET ONLY, and without having to physically give them a password.

Ali April 2, 20144:18 pm

WiFi sense can also give secure sharing of WiFi passwords automatically

Ali April 2, 20144:17 pm

WiFi sense will suggest which networks are best to connect to, and can automatically connect to free wifi hotspots, accept terms of use and automatically enter logins details.

Ali April 2, 20144:16 pm

A new sense application, Wifi Sense

Ali April 2, 20144:16 pm

Updated calendar! With updated views (for weekly view, and the ability to swipe between days)

Ali April 2, 20144:13 pm

WOW! Instant removal of corporate apps, that was quick!

Ali April 2, 20144:12 pm

Applications Can be blocked from running on devices under VPN

Ali April 2, 20144:11 pm

support for “S mime” ability to read and send encrypted emails via phone

Ali April 2, 20144:09 pm

Microsoft confirms VPN for WP 8.1

Ali April 2, 20144:08 pm

Oooh he’s british….

Ali April 2, 20144:08 pm

BUSinesses…. Yay? Nick Headerman here to talk.

Ali April 2, 20144:07 pm

“Cortana is the first truly personal digital assistant”

Ali April 2, 20144:07 pm

Uhoh, playing some intellectual property,

or porn…..

Ali April 2, 20144:06 pm

Facebook! New cortana integration

Ali April 2, 20144:05 pm

“Skype, Get david…”
opens skype and calls instantly

Ali April 2, 20144:04 pm

Cortana can do “people reminders” by remembering to do specific thing when talking to specific people! Cortana will remind you regardless if the next contact is via phone or via text

Ali April 2, 20144:02 pm

New on WP 8.1, Ability to search on your phone! Praise the lord!

Ali April 2, 20143:59 pm

Cortana knows how many calories are in a Banana, and can add them instantly to your fitness/health tracker

Ali April 2, 20143:59 pm

“how old is Russel Wilson”

Ali April 2, 20143:57 pm

Uh-OH Cortana is currently in the US only and still in beta

Ali April 2, 20143:57 pm

“call the second one” Cortana is aware of lists that are present, unfortunately it didn’t work this time.

Ali April 2, 20143:56 pm

“Cortana, which restaurants take reservations”

Ali April 2, 20143:55 pm

Cortana finds restaurants and piggybacks off Bing data/ yelp data and will show you the ratings in a star format

Ali April 2, 20143:54 pm

Cortana will also alert you of conflicts between events that are scheduled, and can reschedule depending

Ali April 2, 20143:54 pm

To Do: Read all Game of Throne Books before premiere

Ali April 2, 20143:53 pm

Cortana can take down calendar appointments, alarms and checking your reservations

Ali April 2, 20143:53 pm

(P.S. if you’re following the liveblog leave a comment down below checking in!)

Ali April 2, 20143:52 pm

Cortana can track flights that appear in your email and track services such as flights, packages, reservations and others.

Ali April 2, 20143:51 pm

Cortana will automatically learn your home and work location, as well as accepting new locations to save

Ali April 2, 20143:50 pm

Cortana can guess who should be in your “inner circle” as well as learn how your contacts are related to you, allowing them access to your phone during quiet hours!

Ali April 2, 20143:49 pm

Cortana has a notebook that shows all the stored data, people, interests, and quite hours.

Ali April 2, 20143:48 pm

Cortana can learn from 3rd party apps (facebook, HULU, Skype) and much more

Ali April 2, 20143:48 pm

Cortana can search phones, messages, calendars, reminders, notes, send texts, find music, find places you like and much more

Ali April 2, 20143:47 pm

Cortana also fully replaces the search button!!!

Ali April 2, 20143:46 pm

Cortana live tiles, that animate on screen

Ali April 2, 20143:45 pm

Somethings I resemble….. a donut, a Halo 😉

Ali April 2, 20143:45 pm

HAHHAA Cortana makes jokes too!

Ali April 2, 20143:45 pm


Ali April 2, 20143:45 pm


Ali April 2, 20143:44 pm

She’s absorbing the internet

Ali April 2, 20143:43 pm


Ali April 2, 20143:42 pm

There’s an on/off switch to show more tiles (like Windows for PC) as well as live tile backgrounds

Ali April 2, 20143:42 pm

WP 8.1 has more tiles, 3 columns everywhere?

Ali April 2, 20143:42 pm

Another loskcscreen example

Ali April 2, 20143:41 pm

New lock screen customizations and APIs! The first app is developed by RUDY HUYN (developer of 6Tag, 6snap and more)

Ali April 2, 20143:40 pm

New lockscreen customizations!

Ali April 2, 20143:40 pm

Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center! With

customizable shortcuts accessible anywhere

Ali April 2, 20143:39 pm

Joe has some green iPhone 5C looking device in his hands

Ali April 2, 20143:38 pm

He’s showing two new phones from both Micromax and Prestijio

Ali April 2, 20143:37 pm

Ali April 2, 20143:37 pm

Announcing two new WP partners, Micromax and Prestijio

Ali April 2, 20143:36 pm

“We believe Windows Phone is the world’s most personal smartphone”

Ali April 2, 20143:36 pm

Ali April 2, 20143:36 pm

Announcing WIndows Phone 8.1!

Ali April 2, 20143:35 pm

JOE BELFIORE IS NOW ON SAGE (He’s also quite shorter than I thought)

Ali April 2, 20143:34 pm

They’re playing a video about the number of people that use Windows, reminds me of the superbowl commercial

Ali April 2, 20143:34 pm


Ali April 2, 20143:33 pm


Ali April 2, 20143:32 pm

It’s started! President of operating systems (Terry Myerson) is on stage

Ali April 2, 20143:31 pm

We should be starting now!

Ali April 2, 20143:25 pm

5 minutes to go!

Ali April 2, 20143:21 pm

Also it’s pretty packed over there (via twitter)

Ali April 2, 20143:20 pm

Tom Warren from the Verge just spotted Joe Belfiore wearing what looks like a Cortana icon T-shirt under his sweat shirt! #EXCITED

Ali April 2, 20143:19 pm

Watch it here of course:

Ali April 2, 20143:18 pm

The Video stream on the live

blog is now up and running (a random loop) 17 minutes left!

Ali April 2, 20143:10 pm

20 minutes left!

Ali April 2, 20143:00 pm

You can watch the live stream here if you’re up to it! Some funky music playing in the background ATM

Ali April 2, 20142:59 pm

32 minutes left!

Ali April 2, 20142:56 pm


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