standard Lumia 630 and 635 Official, Dual Sim 4g and 3G


Alongside the Lumia 930 Nokia have just announced the Lumia 630 and the 635. The Lumia 630 is a 3G capable Lumia, which has both single and sula sim features. The Lumia 634 is simliar tot eh Lumia 630 but with 4G/LTE capability.

Lumia_630-Dual-Sim-groupBoth sims have the ability to give each sim a “distinct” tile color, or have the ability  to blur the sims together merging the phone directory and others.

1.2 Ghz snapdragon 400 Quad core processor

5MP camera (no flash)

4.5″ CBD Display

1830mAh battery

The 630 3G single sim = $159
630 Dual sim $169
Lumia 635: $189


Available starting in May



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