standard Lumia 930 Leaked, Coming in Flashy Orange, Lime Green, White and Black

BkOKWJ8CQAANIlRAlthough there were some doubts about whether or not the Lumia 930 would make it in time for build, it seems as if it most probably will as @evleaks just tweeted the first ever press render of it. As we suspected it’s pretty much a Lumia Icon rebranded for global usage (not that that’s a bad thing), it appears to have the same 5″ screen (1080p we presume) as well as hopefully the same amazing 20 Mp camera.

The Lumia 930 is expected to run on WP 8.1 and be announced later today at Nokia’s build press conference, in the mean time I’ll just stare at the beautiful orange color for a while, don’t mind me.


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  • Raj Kumar

    its 5.2″ 1080P wp 8.1 20MP, snapdragon 801, adreno 330, 3GB RAM 575-625 us$