standard Windows Phone 8.1 Official! Here’s What’s new…

BkOmtiBIQAAdH8IMicrosoft have just announced Windows Phone 8.1, the biggest baddest update of them all, the one we’ve been waiting for. Although we’ve heard most of the features already here’s what’s new (officially):

  • Action center with quick shortcuts that are customizable
  • New losckscreen APIs that are fully customizable by developers
  • Ability to “show more tiles” (like Windows 8) = 3 columns
  • Live tile backgrounds
  • Cortana, the live assistant that has absorbed the full internet.
  • VPN Support
  • Updated calendar view, with weekly view and swiping between days
  • WiFi Sense
  • In phone call switching to videos
  • Wordflow keyboard

Those are what Microsoft officially announced on stage today; but we’ve seen much much more int he leaked build.

Some other updates in WP 8.1:


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