standard Red Stripe Deal of the Week: Halo Spartan Assault for $1.99 (WP & Windows)


Halo Spartan Assault is Microsoft’s first real attempt at bringing their franchised games to WP, and it’s actually quite good. Of course it’s also carried a slightly elevated price tag ($6.99 iirc) which might have turned some people away. Thankfully though Halso Spartan Assault is now the deal of the week on both Windows 8/RT as well as WP, meaning you can grab it for a much nicer $1.99; which is a pretty awesome deal.

Grab the game from the link below if you’re interested:

Windows Phone link:

Scan with Windows Phone

Windows 8/RT:



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  • DesR85

    Rats. Should’ve waited for this deal when I bought it for my Surface RT last year. Don’t regret it though as I play it on both the Surface and my Windows 8 PC.