standard Video: Nokia Lumia 1520 with WP8.1, the real Nokia Lumia Flagship

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Here’s a video of the Nokia Lumia 1520 with WP8.1. In my eyes that’s the real Nokia Flagship. It’s not the camera beast like the 1020 or 808, but it definitely beasts the competition outside of the Nokia Circle.

It has a bigger screen at 6″ compared to the Nokia Lumia 930. Though the size of the latter makes that more acceptable for those who aren’t completely ready for phablet mode (despite 5″ being large already, 6″ may just be an inch too much). The ICON/930 is lighter too.

What else do I get? Glance. I wasn’t aware of the issues with the ICON screen which the 930 shares rendering the screen unusable for glance. How odd.

What about expandable memory? I’ve had issues with the card on the 1520, fingers crossed it’s going to remain stable now, but it means 64GB+32GB for 1520 users.

Both have 2.2GHz quadcore (no special bump for the 930 – not that it currently needs it but it would have been another differentiating factor)

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video by Windows Phone Central

Hi guys, I’m forced to post here again at GOG as the host has completely locked access to MNB whilst they perform some scans.

  • Potato

    Currently the best Windows Phone out there!

    • Well it all depends on what you’re looking for, I think Nokia are going to follow Samsung’s strategy of two flagships (one phablet and one normal sized); but both on the bleeding edge of the specs spectrum. Also both with different refresh cycles, as goldfinger or whatever it’s called should come in a few months, but adding 8.1 and new colors to the 1520 keeps it relevant for now.

      • Potato

        You’re right. I was almost sold on Lumia 930/Icon but after watching the hands-on and reading the related articles, I think I will skip this.
        The design isn’t as good as other Lumias i.e Lumia 925 and Lumia 1520, it lacks Micro-SD card slot (which is a deal breaker) and I honestly don’t see any reason of omitting of that.
        It is a flagship and it should’ve all the things that are needed to make it a perfect flagship device.
        All of the Android flagships have micro-SD slot and they do look good as Nokia and have unibody design too (XZ2 and One M8). I don’t know why Nokia ditched it. Even Lumia 525 have SD slot.
        Another thing that is putting me off is the lack of Glance screen in 930. It is like a ‘trademark’ feature of Nokia Lumia series.

        I have high hopes for Lumia 1820 (goldfinger) and for the next generation Lumia 1520.

        Currently, if size isn’t the concern, I think 1520 is the best WP out there.

        • Valid points, and it’s a personal preference in the end, but don’t forget that the 930 has the same 1080p disaply crammed into a smaller 5″ screen which should make it look Amazing.

          Plus I personally love the 930’s design, that orange….

          • Potato

            Sure, its a personal preference.
            And I agree with you on the display part.

            I prefer Orange and Bright green. Both are unique.

          • I like Lumia 930’s design, too. But it basically a smaller screen version of 1520.

            I hope microsoft and nokia keep working on 1020, and also improve their camera and software.

            There are only 2.5% smartphone owners use wp, if they can’t make something unique and amazing, it will be impossible to make more people to buy windows phone, and in the end, windows phone will be like next blackbarry…