standard Movie Moments Video Editor and Reading List Available for WP 8.1



One big feature of WP 8.1 was the introduction of universal apps; apps that are designed once but run on all platforms. And although we’re yet to see any developers take full advantage of this Microsoft have made two of their Windows apps, WP compatible (making them universal app).

The first app is Movie Moments; a video trimmer that allows you to create 60 second clips with captions and effects straight from your phone.

The second app is reading list; which is basically a clipboard for saving articles that you want to read later, by saving the links of an article when open in Internet explorer; so you can get back to them later once you have time.

Movie MomentsScan with Windows Phone

 Video Editor:


Windows Reading ListScan with Windows Phone

Reading List:

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  • Jason Grove

    These sound cool. Though, I don’t think I’ll install them on the 520 running 8.1, as it stumbles over itself as is.