standard Bring Back the Old WP 8 Music Hub on WP 8.1 With This Simple App

DSC05420There are a lot of cool new features in WP 8.1, however the new music app isn’t one of them; to put it simply… it sucks. But even with all those bugs, glitches and crashes (for some reason it crashes anytime I try deleting a playlist), the major annoyance for me is that the “slide right/left” for next/previous track. Thankfully though a simple app/live tile shortcut will bring that functionality (for free, unless you want a transparent tile like as above); the app called “Music Hub” simply creates a shortcut to the old music hub giving you the familiar layout. Unfortunately though the app doesn’t integrate into the volume controls (meaning if you click on the song title playing from the volume controls it will open the new app, and not the music hub).

Grab the app from the link below:

Music Hub TileScan with Windows Phone








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