standard Nokia Creative Studio 6 Launching With the Lumia 930

Today Nokia announced an overhaul update to their popular app, Nokia creative Studio; pushing it to version 6.0. Creative studio is an awesome little app that gives you photoshop like abilities on your phone, to give you the perfect picture (image above edited in creative studio). Along with the usual set of function in Creative suite, the new version comes with a set of new filters as well as a redesign and improved blur functions. Best of all similar to the Nokia Camera Zoom feature, all the edits on Nokia Creative studio are now “non-destructive” meaning that any changes are reversible and can be brought back with a simple undo (even after saving).

The new update will launch with the Lumia 930 (around June I think?), and should be available to all devices after that.

Read more at the official Nokia Conversations Blog


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