standard YEZZ Joins the Windows Phone Party With the Thinnest WP Ever, “Billy 4.7”

yezzbig-487x480I can’t seem to figure out if this a company with serious ambitions; or just one happy to settle for the crumbs of an already small pie. Either way a new contender has entered the WP arena, “YEZZ” have just announced the thinnest WP device ever, called the “Billy 4.7″… Wait what? Erm..

The Billy 4.7 actually has some decent specs, such as a 4.7” screen (duh), a snapdragon quad core processor, a 13.1 MP camera, dual sim 4G/HSPA (not LTE) and apparently the claim for thinnest WP ever (can’t seem to find any solid numbers), all this runs on the newly revamped WP 8.1 for that extra kick of awesome.

What makes this device interesting though is the surprisingly low price tag for those quite decent specs, priced at  $249 off contract, non subsidized is a pretty sweet deal. Yezz also announced a second device called the Billy 4.0 which has a 4.0″ screen and a 8Mp camera; as well as an even lower price tag of $139. That’s very close to the Lumia 525 range (even lower possibly?) meaning that Microsoft’s plan to do away with licensing fees seems to be working in driving down the price tags, and their might even be competition for Nokia in the low end WP market soon. 

Source: Slashgear


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  • Steeple

    Well if nothing else maybe Nokia can take a leaf out of their book in terms of making thin devices.

    They can’t seem to get their heads around thin and light.

    • Moody Caplan

      Actually they can, the Lumia 925 is thin and light, but as it happened, thin devices don’t meet people’s expectations of Nokia’s ruggedness and that’s the problem, if a phone is a Nokia then it can take a fall or two, thin phones can’t handle such a statement. (Lumia 925/Lumia1520 both have horrible resistance against falls.)