standard May the 4th Be With You! Check out These Awesome Lumia Light Paintings!


As you may or may not now, today is may the 4th; also known as Star Wars day! (getit? May the *force* be with you??). To celebrate this day the Connects blog shared some amazing Light Paintings that were taken by Lumia devices to celebrate the day. But that’s not all the awesome Connects people sent us an exclusive picture that they didn’t share with anyone else; to show to our readers, see it below!

what people don’t know, is that there were 6 unpublished photos from the shoot we haven’t shared yet.
As one of our most valued fans, we wanted to share one of these behind-the-scenes photos with you (see attached) so that you had a little something extra for your community :)


The rest of the images are equally awesome, nd some of them are even wallpaper worthy in my opinion, such as the one below:LumiaMaythe4th6

Check out the rest of the images at the conversations blog:

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