standard Beats Electronics Are Suing Windows Phone Dev Super Star Rudy Huyn Over “6 Studio” Name


Rudy Huyn is a name most WP fans are familiar with, as he has brought some of the most popular apps to the platform, including 6Tag, 6ec and Wikipedia. However it seems the people at Beats Electronics/Beats Studios aren’t big fans of his as they’ve filed a law suit claiming infringement of the “Beats Studio” name; as the two are very similar… yeah.

It’s not exactly clear why Beats Studio are pissed off about the 6 studio name; but we need Rudy to focus on bringing more premium apps to the marketplace right now, not on this nonsense.

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  • Rum 007

    What the fuck? Ha did Beats fail to get people to use their Beats app and now they are trying to get money out lawsuit. By the way the names are different. Beats didn’t invent Studio Name

  • jjkj


    This is seriously crazy!

  • Pawlee

    Piss off beats… no one cares for your rubbish headphones or whatever crap you’re churning out now.

    Whereas I have a lot of time for Rudy Huyn! :)

  • Demitrius Harris

    Did Beats think that the “6” was a “b”???

  • Blake Larson

    Are they going to sue akg for the K240 studios they designed in the 70’s and still make???