standard Cortana Redesign Concept With Wolfram Alpha Integration



Cortana is pretty amazing in terms of features, but Siri still has one big foot over her; and that’s with Wolfram Alpha integration. Wolfram Alpha integration means you can ask your personal assistant the most obscure things, or complex questions and rather than fetching a search result you’ll get real data; ad a real answer; which of course saves a lot more time and even data. Currently Cortana is capable of simple calculations with instant replies, such as multiplication/division of currency and temperature conversions; but adding wolfram Alpha integration into it would make her way more useful; check out some of the sample images in the mockup concept (notice the Pokeball Cortana in the second image 😛 ).

It seems like a no brainer to integrate Wolfram Alpha, and I can’t think of why Microsoft wouldn’t do it; but perhaps once Cortana is out of beta?




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  • boxie

    The concept is great but i’m not sure that is a redesign.