standard Gallery: Amazing Nokia Smartwatch Design Concept


Back before the Lumia 928 was officially announced, we had seen some leaks and off those leaks “PhoneDesigner” made an amazing render of what the device would look like (and he was spot on). Now PhoneDesigner is back with a new project; the Nokia Smart watch which comes in the usual Lumia selection of colors plus a couple more (that purple is pretty weird, I like it). The watch seems simple enough and not something *too* futuristic that would drive people away from wearing it, at the same time though it’s a full touch interface watch with no buttons; and seems to sync with your notifications on your Windows Phone, and also has its own store for skins and apps.

Six days ago I submitted some pictures of a Nokia Smartwatch. Today I uploaded the final version of the concept. Now you’ll see more of the UI, which is inspired by the Windows Phone OS.

Like I said before it’s based on an old leak, which is plausible.

It’s a touch device and has no physical buttons or connections, just one reset dot on the back. You share your data via NFC and Bluetooth/Wlan and it provides wireless charging.

Special feature: SNAKE! 😉

The design concept screams Nokia, and is apparently based off of what was supposed to be a Nokia smart watch leak seen a while back (seen below)



Check out some of the images below; and head over to PhoneDesigners Facebook page to see the rest.

What do you think of the design? Would you wear/buy it?

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  • minhnhut

    I’d buy a white or a black one if it’s priced correctly, 199€ would be a great price. I’m also exciting to see the iWatch and what can It do :)

  • trnz

    just wow!!!

  • Darren

    A Cortana watch RIGHT NOW would rule.