standard Xbox Music for WP 8.1 Updated; Brings Track Scrubbing and More

DSC05420I’ve complained a couple times about the new Xbox music app for WP 8.1, and thankfully Microsoft are listening (not necessarily to me, but to someone who’s also complaining). The latest update to the Xbox Music app (which is live in the store for WP 8.1 users) brings some much needed performance enhancements, as well as a feature people have been asking for since WP 7… Audio scrubbing! Yes you can finally drag the seek bar to a specific part of the song and listen from there, instead of keeping the skip button pressed (like a fast forward button on a VCR from the 90’s). The full official changelog is listed below, including some bug fixes and playlist fixes (I had a problem where playlists would multiply exponentially with each song being listed 4 times or more, as well as the inability to delete said affected playlists).

Audio scrubbing is now supported! Slide the track progress indicator in the Now Playing screen to advance to the spot you like.
Smoother FFW and REW animations.
UI fixes to improve visibility of content.
Bug fixed where songs are incorrectly removed from playlists.
Fixes for unexpected app exits.

You can grab the update by heading to the store, or scanning the QR Code below:

Scan with Windows PhoneMusic


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