standard LG’s First WP 8.1 Device Leaks, Looks Sexy Slim and Buttonless

BnfNevOCAAATwlKBack before WP 8 was even announced, LG stepped out of the WP game officially; preferring to seek their fortunes in the Android space. Since then they’ve had some huge success with the G2 and other devices; and seems they’ve regained enough confidence to re-enter the WP 8 market. What we’re looking at is apparently the LG Uni 8

The device is obviously running the latest build of WP 8, being WP 8.1 (given the see through live tiles and lack of hardware buttons), there also seems to be a distinct lack of buttons in general on the device, missing the usual camera button placement (I’ll assume the power and volume keys are on the other side of the device). However the device does look down right sexy with its thin bezels and what could possibly an aluminum body?

Either way it’s nice to see another major player enter/re-enter the WP 8 territory, as more variation can only mean good things to the ecosystem.


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