standard Xbox Games Update for WP 8.1 Completely Removes Game Hub from Your Phone… What the hell @windowsphone


Today Microsoft pushed an update for the games hub for WP 8.1 devices, at first I thought it was an update that would either fix the long loading times; or give us an option to hide the games from the app list menu. It’s not… For some reason Microsoft are getting rid of the games hub on WP 8.1, as the latest update completely removes the “games” app from your app list; and there doesn’t seem to be a way to bring it back. Unless you have the tile already pinned to your home-screen then you can access the same hub, but if you’ve unpinned it you’re out of luck. So seriously Microsoft, what the hell?

(and I refuse to share a link to this so called “update”)

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  • NicKel

    lol, now you see what (so called) OS you use to worship? :-)

  • Al Reynolds

    I think you can still link to it if you download the “Transparency Tiles” app.

    • That is correct, stupid of them to have removed it in the first place; but seems to be back now.

  • Alvester

    Don’t freak out Ali.

    Xbox Games has updated again, returns to the App list.