standard Update Available for WP 8.1 Developer’s Preview

Update COgsAlthough WP 8.1 was feature locked when it hit as a developer’s preview (meaning there won’t be any new surprises in the general release build) it certainly hasn’t been bug free nor a final build; and that’s why Microsoft are pushing out an update today the developers preview. The update build numbered 8.10.12382.878 doesn’t contain a specific changelog besides the fact that it’s based on feedback and responses form the community since the preview went live a month ago. 

Although there isn’t a solid changelog yet, according to Joe Belfiore the update includes bug fixes and battery improvements, yay!

We’ll report back with an update once we’ve found anything new, but for now grab the update by simply heading into the “phone update” under settings and checking for updates (you’ll need some battery life to go through with the update as well).


Thanks for the tip Alvester 😉


  • Ville Vittumainen


  • efektos

    Got it for my L1520 😀
    Hoping it’ll improve my battery life – after updating to WP8.1 it became terrible, from a battery which could hold for 2 days without a single recharge, it plummeted to 1 day-ish tops… :(

    • Same here, battery life has been very poor on my 1520 since the update barely makes it 10 hours.

      • efektos

        Interesting enough, Battery Sense tells me that my number 1 battery consumer is WhatsApp (VBA8 is in close second place) – I think that it’s just WhatsApp which was not updated after the initial 8.1 release, that is not perfectly compatible with 8.1 so it consumes much more battery than needed…
        I hope it’ll get updated soon, and will stop munching on my battery :)

        • I think In general apps running in the foreground of widows phone 8.1 use more battery, regardless of the app. See my facebook messenger consumption below, nothing should use that much.

          • efektos

            Was FB Messenger updated to support WP8.1?

          • Not that I can recall; but it’s the app I use most on my phone. It just uses way too much in my opinion.

  • Jackson

    Do they have it for Lumia 925 ?

    • It’s for all WP 8.1 Devices running the preview.