standard Microsoft & Nokia’s Beautiful Book Showing the History of Each Company


Whether you approve of the Nokia-Microsoft deal or not, it doesn’t really matter since it’s done; but if you do care then this is certainly interesting. Nokia and Microsoft sat down together to make a beautiful bound book showing the history and timelines of each company; with achievements and world firsts of each; binding the history pages with Nokia’s name one last time. Not to mention the fact that it is fricken gorgeous! The 128 page book was made as a sort of gift to Nokia’s 20,000 employees that would be joining Microsoft (or heading out on their own).

I only know two things, whoever said no one at Microsoft has any heart was dead wrong, and number two I NEED this.

See more of this beautiful book over at The Verge

Thanks for the tip Alvester.

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  • NicKel

    Too glossy to wipe my a.. with it.
    Btw, Jay already posted about it on MNB 15 min before.