standard Quickly Change Text to ALL CAPS!!! (and Back) on Your Windows Phone

DSC05457Sometimes while typing a text on your phone, you feel the sudden urge to emphasize a specific word (usually it’s an after thought for me). Thankfully Windows Phone has a nifty feature that allows your rage to be heard without going into the trouble of capitalizing every letter of the sentence/word manually.

To switch into caps rage mode (or switch back once hulk mode has receded) simply highlight the word and hit the “shift” key on your keyboard; this will quickly toggle between capitalizing the first letter in the selected word, or capitalizing the full selection; or if you hit the shift key a third time all letters will revert back to normal non-angry text mode.

Check out the quick demo in the Vine below:


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  • Alvester

    Quite useful tip. Thanks Ali.

  • efektos

    This tip was presented on WPCentral long ago, but thanks nonetheless Ali :)