standard Surface Pro 3 Announced; With 3×2 Aspect Ratio 12″ Screen; $799

DSC_1240Microsoft have just now pulled the covers off their latest addition to the Surface family, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro takes a completely different direction than previous Surfaces in terms of the aspect ratio; which comes at an interesting 3X2 12″ screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1440  (which is pretty awesome). 

The Surface Pro 3 is also Uber light at only 800 Grams!!! It also has a Intel Core i7 processor on the inside, which means that it runs the full version of Windows and not RT.

BoFuW4dIgAAx-9nThe Surface Pro 3 also supports pen input (with pressure sensitive input devices), so you can use this with a touch stylus!

The Surface Pro 3’s kickstand is even more versatile than before! With the standard 22 degree kickstand, as well as a new “canvas” 150 degree mode.

DSC_1360Microsoft have also announced a slew of new type covers with a much larger and enhanced trackpad (68% larger)

DSC_1376BoFwmJnIMAENvUgOf course every launch needs a new swanky accessory… introducing the Surface Pen! Microsoft’s Pen (not a stylus apparently)! The Pen has a little button on the back that instantly opens one Note on the Pro 3 when you click it (suhweet!)

BoFxGNUIQAE1Ac1DSC_1412The Surface Pro 3 also has front facing speakers, a rarity for tablets (and even smart phones); as only the HTC One has really gotten behind the front facing speakers movement.

The Surface Pro 3 will go up on sale starting tomorrow; for $799 for the i3 version (meaning that the i7 might be near the $1000 mark :/ ) Seems I was overly optimistic, the full specced i7 version will run you close to the $2000 mark :O




*image via the Verge

(Also I WANT!)


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