standard Whatsapp to be Restored to the Marketplace Soon; Microsoft Working Closely With Whatsapp Team

It’s been several days since Whatsapp has been pulled from the Windows Phone marketplace due to some serious “technical issues”. Since then the Whatsapp team simply stated that they’re working on bringing it back to the store as soon as possible.

Now Microsoft themselves have commented on the story by saying they’re working with Whatsapp and the app will be restored soon.

The WhatsApp app has been temporarily removed from the Windows Phone store and will be restored soon. We are in the process of working with WhatsApp to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience.

Source WMPU


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  • omg I want that start backgroud *-*

    • Your wish is my command :)

      • flotron

        You are the lord of the brackgrounds Ali!

        • @itsmelexx:disqus @flotron:disqus I think you might enjoy today”s post 😉

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  • Kaino

    I’m assuming it must be something more than the Notifications issues on WP8.1.

    I rolled back to 8.0 it was that bad.

  • Marc Cupido

    Is it just me or does Whatsapp drain battery more in WP8.1?

    I have a 1020 and while using whatsapp on wifi for about an hour I lose half my battery!
    Anyone else got this problem?

    • I’ve pretty much cut back on my whatsapp (Mostly Facebook messenger now), but I’m pretty sure all apps drain more when running in WP 8.1 (the latest update seems to have fixed it a bit).

  • Uh oh.. When will it be back?? i am waiting for it. Admin, kindly do update this post as WhatsApp arrives :)

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