gallery The Best WP 8.1 Background Wallpapers



DSC05472With WP 8.1 comes the new parallax dynamic wallpapers, that live beneath your live tiles; so that the live tiles above scroll while the background image remains static. This makes for some very interesting effects in terms of the overall look of your device; but it also makes it very difficult to choose a background wallpaper. This is mainly because using an actual image doesn’t really work since little parts of it will be cut off by the live tiles that don’t have full transparency; leading to a weird looking image.

I’ve found the best result is to use a simple background, with slight color patterns and nothing too noisy; so basically “subtle” backgrounds with a small pattern to keep things interesting. Of course darker backgrounds always look nicer, and give off a better contrast so I learn towards those a bit more.

The cleanest, and best resolution options I’ve found are the 14 below; and these are the ones I personally use; some of them might seem familiar (such as the HTC and Sony ones) simply because OEM backgrounds are the best (except for Microsoft’s they suck…). So feel free to enjoy them and experiment with different colors.

The full resolution images are attached below, or if you like you can download the full file from OneDrive at the link below:

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