standard Elop Rumored to Have Killed Off Surface Mini

Look ma! No HandsNokia’s former CEO, Stephen Elop who is currently vice president of Microsoft’s devices division might have yet another corpse at his feet. According to the rumors by BGR not only did Elop kill Symbian, Meltemi, and so much more; but he might have also been responsible for canning a Surface Mini that was expected to be announced at Yesterday’s Microsoft event.

Yesterday Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 3; an all in one tablet that has some amazing specs, and looks absolutely stunning; however most rumors and speculations were pointing towards the launch of a Surface Mini device, one that could compete with the iPad mini. Rumors went as far as to say that the device was set to be unveiled yesterday, and was cancelled days if not hours before the event.

According to BGR’s sources the reason behind the cancellation was that Elop felt the Surface Mini didn’t provide enough of a differentiating factor vs the iPad mini; and basically had nothing going for it.

Bloomberg’s sources say Elop was worried that the smaller Surface didn’t do enough to differentiate itself from smaller tablets such as the iPad mini and the Nexus 7 and would thus be a flop comparable to the first-generation Surface RT.

It would appear that Microsoft’s latest target with the Surface Pro 3 isn’t just the iPad market, but also the Macbook Air audience; which is a brave attempt (and might even work). In terms of the Surface Mini however, it’s reminiscent of Elop’s stance towards a Nokia tablet when he was CEO where he repeatedly said they wouldn’t launch a tablet until they had something “special”. Well Microsoft you’d better get your thinking caps on.



  • Kaino

    So…slap something on it that makes it ‘different’ a Kickstand..or a 41MP Camera and presto, you’ve got a hit?

    Yes that theory has worked well so far.

  • RayRay

    So, it seems the author was ready to put Elop under the bus only after reading a rumor elsewhere. The headline screams as being attention grabbing. For those who know the history of Elop moving from Symbian to WP, the diehard supporters will always be quick to rehash the saga…doesn’t technology come and goes, advances or move on to the next?
    We now know from reliable sources elsewhere that the product was not killed, but was simply not ready for mass release to the public.