standard Microsoft UK Sending Out £80 Amazon Vouchers and Replacement Chargers For Affected Lumia 2520s


DSC04714Last month Nokia announced a product advisory warning for the Nokia Lumia 2520’s charger outside the US. Now Microsoft UK are making up for the trouble by both sending out replacement chargers, as well as offering affected customers a sweet additional £80 Amazon voucher to make up for the inconvenience.

Talk about customer satisfaction!

Have you gotten a voucher in return for the inconvenience? Let us know down below :)




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  • grazy

    I sent my details over to Nokia but have heard nothing? I’m not sure how they know which ones are affected but assume it must be a certain batch maybe? If it was everyone that would be a lot to give out.
    In fairness my charger seems fine (using it as we speak :)

  • NEP

    I also sent my details online and 3 days ago out off the blue, DHL delivers a new plug for the charger and a return instructions for the old.
    The letters mention a voucher to be delivered soon