standard How to Secretly Screenshot Snapchats in Windows Phone

6snapSnapchat can be extremely fun to use, especially when you feel like sending a ridiculous pictures or something that you hope won’t come back to haunt you. To be honest I was a bit torn about whether to post this or not; given the ways people can abuse this feature; but I figured I would anyways. First of all because you can always still screenshot within the app (but of course the sender would be notified); and secondly maybe people will be a bit more wary about what they send if they know that nothing is completely secure.

However the basic rules of life still apply, don’t be an idiot, respect your friends privacy and don’t be a jackass.

*Note: technically this works with all snapchat clients on Windows Phone; but I’ve used 6snap for this demo

Taking a discrete screenshot really isn’t all that difficult; but it does require you to consciously commit to it before hand; and if you’re willing to do that then I personally wouldn’t send you any snapchats, but what the hell…

DSC05478To do so you simply need a second device (preferably a computer, but a second phone works just fine), as well as the Nokia Beamer app (which also requires Lumia Black/GDR3). Once you have those you’re pretty much set to go; simply launch the beamer app on your phone; and head to “” on your PC/second phone. From there you can sync your phone to the screen to which beamer will project onto your PC/phone.

After that you simply load up your snapchat client, and view the latest snap you’ve received; to push a screenshot of the snapchat onto your second device simply shake the phone in any direction (the PC/phone screen will automatically refresh to project the newly captured image).
Once the image has been uploaded to the Beam servers you can do whatever you want with it (without being an absolute idiot who doesn’t deserve to have friends, let alone friends who snapchat him/her). Of course since no actual screen capture occurred on the phone the sender isn’t alerted that anything was screencatpured.

Use responsibly, and remember nothing is temporary; only send it if you don’t care if it gets out.