standard Nokia Takes Another Dig at Samsung With “LUMIANAUTS” Heading to The “Galaxy”

Lumianauts3Nokia are at it again, this time sending out four of their brave “Lumianuats” to reach the galaxies where rumor had it flights were leaving to from terminal 5 at Heathrow (London airport). Of course there are no real shuttles to outer-space from Heathrow (just yet); instead the “galaxy” they’re referring to is none other than the Samsung line-up which has taken over the terminal in an advertising campaign.

SO the Lumianauts took a couple of pictures and headed home (check out the rest of the pictures at the source link).

This is the classic Nokia cheekiness, and their constant presence jumping onto other companies campaigns and getting a word or two in (I love it); although I don’t understand the whole point of this one, does anyone else?

Thanks for the tip Alvester

Source: Nokia Conversations


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