standard Cortana (and WP 8.1) Official Release Coming “Soon”

Although you can get Cortana and WP 8.1 on your device right now, via the developers preview program; many prefer to wait for the official release. So when is that coming? According to Windows Phone UK on twitter it’s “soon” .

Although “soon” is by no means a definitive date, and tells us nothing really; I imagine the official release might be available by the time the Lumia 930 hits shelves sometime next month. Of course lets not forget the usual delay caused by carrier approvals and what not, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long.

Another question is the when will Cortana be available outside the US, and given the fact that the tweet came from Windows Phone UK; it might be along with the official release of WP 8.1 (meaning we can all switch our regions back to the UK).

Thanks for the tip Alvester.


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