standard First Ever Look at the Lumia 530

Lumia 530What we’re looking at appears to be the first ever look at what the successor of the Lumia 520 (the world’s most popular Windows Phone). Above we can see a guide displaying the available WP 8.1 devices, and alongside the Lumia 930 and 630 we can also the the yes unannounced Lumia 530.

We’ve previously heard mention that the Lumia 530 will be heading to T-Mobile under the code name “Nokia Rise”; and now we have an image to accompany the name.

We can learn a couple details about the upcoming phone from the image above including:

  • No physical navigation keys (using the same on screen keys like the 630)
  • possible 4.3″ screen (the screen is slightly smaller than that of the 630; which is a 4.5″)
  • No front facing camera

One other important factor fans will be happy to see is the presence of the Nokia logo, even after the Microsoft buyout. Nokia seem to have tweaked the body design, moving away from that of the 520 and 525, and inching close to the rounded edges of the 620 and 630 (in fact it’s starting to remind me of the Lumia 822). If Nokia/Microsoft manage to pair this up with 1Gb of ram, and a ultra cheap price like its successor they might have another killer on their hands.

So what do you guys think?