standard Most of Nokia’s Windows Phone apps are now published under ‘Microsoft Mobile Oy’


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When updating the Display app by Nokia this morning, I noticed that the Publisher was no longer Nokia Corporation but rather Microsoft Mobile Oy.

WindowsPhoneCentral provides some additional information:

It had to happen sooner or later. Nokia apps on Windows Phone Store, including Nokia MixRadio, Nokia Camera, and others are now published by Microsoft Mobile Oy. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Microsoft Mobile Oy is the wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corp formed after the acquisition of the devices business of Nokia Corporation.

The reason the title says “Most” is that not all of the apps have switched from their current Nokia branded publishing, for example, Gift Voucher is currently published under Nokia LLC.



The apps that were renamed to Microsoft Mobile Oy were originally published under Nokia Corporation while the applications that were developed by the HERE team will not be renamed as HERE is still a part of Nokia.

Per WPC:

Not all apps have been affected. The HERE suite of apps – HERE Maps, HERE Transit, HERE Drive+, HERE City Lens –​ retain the publisher name ‘Here Europe B.V.’, since the HERE division at Nokia wasn’t a part of the deal and remains with Nokia.

Abhishek Baxi -WindowsPhoneCentral

It seems that the updated app listings may not have completed the rollout throughout the entire Store so you may not see any applications under Microsoft Mobile Oy depending on where your search originated from within the Store. For example, I clicked on “More from Microsoft Mobile Oy” under details and it didn’t return any results.



Soon though, as pictured in the lead photo, all Windows Phone users should see the new name attached to the greatest collection of software that any OEM (former or current) has ever made for Windows Phone. The publishing name may be different but the creative minds behind the bits of code are still the same.

This may just be the first step to removing the Nokia name completely and in the end we may end up with apps like Nokia Beamer simply being “Beamer” by Microsoft Mobile Oy. How do you feel about the renaming of the applications?

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Source: WindowsPhoneCentral

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  • ShibeshMehrotra

    The ‘Sorry, no apps found’ is a different bug. Been seeing that a lot on my 1520 when I try clicking through some lesser-known devs. Expected though, beta software etc.