standard Whatsapp Back in Windows Phone Store! With Custom Notification Tones, Backgrounds and More

WhatsappLiterally minutes after posting that Joe Belfiore promised Whatsapp would be back on the store, it’s already there! The changelog for the newly returned Whatsapp includes:

*Chat backgrounds
* Broadcast lists
* Privacy settings (settings > account > privacy)
* Media auto-download settings (settings > chat settings > media autodownload)
* Custom notification tones (Windows Phone 8 Update 3 required)
* Various enhancements and bug fixes

Users not running Windows Phone 8.1 will be especially happy to see the feature for custom notification tones (as it’s available via the notification center in WP 8.1), but to use that it requires update 3 or GDR3 on your device.

Grab it from the link below:

 WhatsAppScan with Windows Phone

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