standard Lumia 638 Announced in China; With 1 GB of RAM


One major complaint people seem to have about the Lumia 630/635 is the fact that it only has 512 MBs of ram, when even the Lumia 525 has 1GB. It seems however that customers in China won’t have to worry about numbers like that, as the Lumia 638 has just silently gone on preorder there; boasting 1 GB of ram.

image_thumb99The Lumia 638 has the same dual sim 4G capabilities of the 635, but carries the extra boost of 1 GB of ram, which is surely a nice addition. Although Windows Phone doesn’t really struggle much on 512 Mbs boosting numbers is always nice; plus at least you’ll be able to play all the games you want; without waiting almost  a year for a 512 Mb version to become available. The Lumia 638 is available for Preorder for 1199 Yuan or $190.

You can preorder one from the link below:

What do you guys think? Personally I think the 630/635 should have had 1Gb from the start; just for the sake of numbers.




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  • Hemedans Nassor

    i think microsoft should make this available worldwide

  • viipottaja

    I think the 512MB is fine for the price point and product line differentiation/placement, especially since MS has stated that WP8.1 is more resources efficient, including memory requirements.

    Put it differently – I’d rather have a lower price point than 1GB in those points, for MS Mobile’s sales and profitability’s sakes.