standard Video: Hands On With File Manager for Windows Phone

DSC05508Now that the official File manager for Windows Phone is available, here’s a quick video taking a look at what it does:

The file manager in Windows Phone is quite powerful in terms of what any single user would need, you can access all your media and documents, move them around, rename them or share them without the need for a PC.

Another huge plus is the ability to move files between the SD card and the phone memory, which is certainly useful when you’re running low on those precious gigabytes.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, grab it from the link below:

FilesScan with Windows Phone

  • Hemedans Nassor

    so even with file manager we cant share music to whatsapp

  • grazy

    none of my music is under “music” but clealy there when you go in xbox music or nokia mix radio!