standard Cortana: Behind the Voice and Phones + Bi-Monthly Updates

Cortana is an incredibly awesome addition to Windows Phone 8.1, she’s funny, quirky and smart; but she still has so much to learn. For example she still can’t track packages, she doesn’t always understand what you’re saying, and relying on her for location searches on the go can be tricky. But of course the Windows Phone team (and Jen Taylor; the voice of Cortana) are working together to make her even better and smarter all the time.

Engadget posted a very lengthy and detailed article about how Cortana came to be, and what’s going on with her; so check it out at the source link below. A couple details from their article however was the fact that Cortana will continue to receive bi-monthly server side updates to add information, features and new responses; keeping her as lively and active as the day you first met. Of course Microsoft can also push out immediate updates any time they need it, for special events and quick fixes (like Cortana’s reply to doing an AMA, the day Joe Belfiore did his). Since all the Cortana fixes are server side, users won’t have to do anything; but will instantly benefit from the new features, yay!

Regarding global roll-out Microsoft are preparing Cortana for both the UK and China, read what they had to say about that below:

Microsoft’s preparing to take Cortana overseas, specifically to the UK and China, but that transition requires a hefty bit of localization since a US-centric Cortana doesn’t easily translate. “There’s a team in China who’s looking at how to take the personality and non-negotiable core concepts [of Cortana] and translate it, not just word for word, but [also] personality to personality,” Harrison said. Even the voice talent for the overseas versions of Cortana will be different. Taylor may be a logical choice for Cortana’s voice in the US, but user studies indicated the Chinese market needed a voice that “sounded like it was smiling.”

Check out the full article with all the details at the link below:


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    If it’s an English speaking country, it’s Jen Taylor or nothing.

    She IS Cortana, so if the option is there i’ll be sticking with Jen.