standard Have an Extra $299? Get a Waterproof Dive Case for your Lumia 1020 from Watershot

nokia-housing-2As part of Nokia’s new competition with Mission 31, where they sent down some lucky winners to dive under the sea with a Lumia 1020 and capture some amazing images, Watershot partnered up with Nokia to help make a suitable waterproof housing. The housing completely encases the Lumia 1020 and keeps it safe from water damage till up to 100 meters / 330 feet, and you can still use the touchscreen on the device under water.

nokia-housing-1Unfortunately the case is quite prices, at $299; which is almost the price of a new Lumia 1020 in some places; but if you’re looking for a waterproof dive case for our 1020, and have $300 to spend, hit the link below to check it out:



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  • Sharold Magallones

    Can anyone suggest or knows where to buy 1? Hopefully at a discounted price. :-)