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Windows Phone has come a long way since it was launched in Q4 2010 and has created a neat info graphic that tells the Windows Phone tale from 2010 up until 2014. The info graphic provides key talking points and covers Windows Phone milestones such as OEM adoption, App Downloads, Market Share, Windows Phone updates throughout the years and Cortana even makes a brief appearance.

Without further ado, I present to you, Rising Metro:


VSERV states:

While the journey has been tough, the collaboration with Nokia paved way and led to a great 2013, with analysts expecting the Windows Phone platform to cross 100M devices by 2014 and become the 3rd largest OS in the world. The OS has outsold iPhone in 24 markets including India, Malaysia and South Africa which stands as a clear indication that it is set to take this space by storm.

Windows Phone is in the best position that it has ever been in with new OEMs, the maturity of Windows Phone 8.1 and new hardware covering all price and performance levels on the horizon this summer. Have any of you been with Windows Phone since the beginning? Any Day One Windows Phone users? I became a Windows Phone user with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 710 running Windows Phone 7. What are your thoughts on the Windows Phone journey? Where do we go from here?

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Source: VSERV

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  • mercury

    buying Nokia phones = rising metro

  • grazy

    i had the N9 when the L800 came out but did buy the L800 for both of my parents as presents. but i have to say i was disappointed! I much preferred the N9s UI and held onto it for as long as I could. When WP8 came out I was due a new phone so went for the L1020, mainly for the camera. so have seen the progression even within WP8! I’m now running 8.1 and liking the fact that the app store is growing and features are improving!
    I turned my N9 on the other day and thought “I actually prefer my 1020”.
    I think one of things I didnt like about WP was the small screen of the L800 alongside the bad use of space that WP is. This is more forgiving on larger screens.
    I do hope WP gets a higher uptake as at work i am the only one and its very frustating that every one is an isheep and don’t even look elsewhere! people actaully think i am mad for buying a Nokia!

  • Nokia Rox

    All because of Nokia….