standard Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone Updated; With Better Background Support, Groups and More


Facebook messenger for Windows Phone has just received a nice upgrade, adding a couple of new features and improving over all support and stability. The latest update (version 5.0.0) brings a new “group” messaging chat, where are your group messages can be found, with the ability to pin specific chats to your homescreen. The app also now has it’s own camera app, meaning taking pictures is easier and faster (and doesn’t require loading up the camera itself; as well as a new photo picker).

*Note: it seems the update causes some delay in sending messages, as well as notification receiving. to fix this uninstall the app and reinstall it and reboot your phone after the update. wp_ss_20140605_0001_3EEA6D25

To help with data usage, stickers and images are now cached on the device, to keep image and sticker loading to a minimum. Yay!

If you haven’t seen it yet check out our initial hands on with Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone at the link below:

Or grab the update from the links below:

MessengerScan with Windows Phone


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