standard Nokia XL (Dual Sim) Unboxing


The second member of Nokia X family, the Nokia XL; which is also the largest of the bunch with a 5″ screen has just landed on our desks here’s our unboxing:

The Nokia XL has a 5″ wVGA (480p) screen, which puts the ppi at around 187, which is on the low side, but definitely still acceptable for a lower end device. The XL runs Nokia’s own version of Android Open Source, dubbed as “Nokia X Platform” and is capable of running all of the Android apps. The phone itself is slightly weighty at almost 190 grams, but personally coming to it from the Lumia 1520 I couldn’t see much of a problem with the weight myself, but others might complain.

The version we have is the dual sim version; which can carry 3G/2G ont he primary sim and only 2G on the secondary sim, meaning you’re probably going to only be needing one data package; once again I personally don’t use a second sim so I can’t be trusted to judge on the implementation of this feature in the XL.

That’s it for now, but check out a quick gallery of the phone below, and stay tuned for our review and thoughts about the Nokia XL and the Nokia X platform in general.

DSC05570 DSC05571 DSC05574 DSC05576 DSC05579 DSC05580 DSC05581 DSC05582 DSC05584

  • Jousef Qazaz

    it has some few bugs that I hope nokia will seriously thinks of an update soon very soon.