standard Nokia Camera Beta Updated With Multiple Bug Fixes and Imporvements

DSC05589Nokia Camera is my go to imaging app on Windows Phone (I don’t think I’ve ever used the new WP 8.1 camera UI), but for geeks like us sometimes even that isn’t enough; we need things that aren’t even ready for the rest of the world; hence the BETA part. Well for those of you using the beta version of Nokia camera you’ll be happy to hear that it’s just received a nice little update fixing some of the more pressing issues with it and adding a few features. The changlog includes:

  • Fix for Camera Roll Delays
  • Fix for crash caused when reframing pictures captured with front facing camera
  • Fix for Corrupt Videos when recording over 4 GB limit
  • Other Bug fixes and Improvements

So a couple neat fixes arriving with app, grab the latest version from the link below:

Nokia Camera BetaScan with Windows Phone


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  • chris rock

    Is it faster in general (opening, resuming, taking pictures) when compared to the regular one?, I think that is the biggest issue when it comes to this app.

    • Well honestly on my 1520 its super fast with both so I don’t notice much, on the 1020 I gave up on Nokia camera for a while because it was so slow

      • chris rock

        well lets hope the next super camera phone to have the guts of the 1520 or even better to kill the major criticism of the 1020…

  • Mapantz

    It is miles faster at launching from the camera button, on my Lumia 925. :)