standard Tip: Bing/Cortana IMDB Like Movie/Show Details


Today I found a cool new feature in the Bing/Cortana search on Windows Phone 8.1 (possibly also available in WP 8); where when searching for a TV Show or popular movie you can get a full IMDB like breakdown of the show, and cast as well as other related shows.

The search brings up the main cast with links to each of their own pages, as well as a general overview of the show (run time, first aired, total number of seasons etc.). Overall a really nifty way to get some info on the go; and a nice feature to have.

Do you guys have any other cool Cortana/Bing searches? Let us know down below.

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  • borhan48

    O man I’ve seen this feature from the very first use of my windows phone 8.

  • Adam Tiley

    Funny that as its only just been introduced and Microsoft said it was Bing Smart Search for Windows Phone 8.1