standard PSA: Facebook Messenger Now Opens Profiles in the Facebook App

Facebook messenger CJI was browsing the Windows Phone subreddit today when I found this post, complaining how twitter links open in the browser instead of the twitter app; a huge annoyance for sure. But I remembered that the latest Facebook Messenger for WP update has actually fixed that little annoyance; instead of the person’s profile opening in the browser you’re now redirected into Facebook app itself. giving for a more complete experience.

A while back the Facebook App was updated to support API for logins from 3rd party apps, meaning that when an app asked you to “sign in with Facebook” instead of being redirected to the browser and signing in, then being redirected; you would essentially just be redirected to the Facebook app and authorize the login. Unfortunately I have yet to find an app that takes advantage of this feature, but it’s nicer to see more and more inter app communication on Windows Phone; hopefully there’s more to come.

In case you haven’t gotten it yet, grab the latest update for the Facebook messenger app from the link below:

MessengerScan with Windows Phone


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