standard Joe Belfiore: Facebook & Skype Updates Coming Soon ALong with New Lockscreen Apps + Why Hubs Are Gone in WP 8.1

58927_microsoft-build-2014-joe-belfiore-cortana-handsJoe Belfiore took to twitter today to make a couple announcements regarding WP 8.1 and the general status of it. First off regarding the new lockscreen apps that we saw at Build are still coming, and might be available for 1GB ram devices within the next couple weeks (in beta mode). Regarding the reason why Microsoft did away with hubs in WP 8.1 the answer is that basically it’s easier to update an app to support an API change than it is to make a full software update to address one issue; eventually this means faster fixes and newer features for users.

He also mentioned new Facebook and Skype updates coming soon, so hopefully we’ll see some new features (and faster responsiveness from both).

  • Microsoft used apps instead of hubs for music, video and other because it can be updated individually since it is built on 3rd party platform. It makes the platform better as apps improve over time. He thanked the previewers for helping them in tuning the app.
  • On why social network integration is removed – It previously supported only smaller number of social networks, but now any network can be added.
  • More updates for Facebook and Skype apps are coming.
  • Lockscreen apps are still coming. It will be in beta for couple of weeks for 1GB devices. Joe and few others are already running on their devices and now working to polish the feature to release it via dev preview. Not on 512mb devices as they want to make lock fast/stay in memory.
  • Why many apps are not universal? WP8.1 is just in preview. Developers are targeting the large installed based, that is WP8.
  • WP8.1 SW is finished and they are testing update code fixing the bugs.

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  • Ian

    I’m not on the 8.1 DP – does this mean that in 8.1 you can no longer go into a contact in People and swipe across to their Facebook photos? That is the ONE feature of my phone that always catches the eye of an iphone user as something they wish they had! I get the point about separate apps develop more quickly, but removing little discreet things like that would be a massive error.

    • Yup, it was one of my favorite features too; now it just shows you a link to their Facebook profile/twitter profile which would open in the apps. Totally sucks :(

      • Ian

        Thanks Ali – I wasn’t sure until now! Dear Microsoft: Apple and Google have a much bigger market share than you. If you make phones that look and operate just like them, people will obviously just keep buying the Apple or Google phone. You have to be different and better to make them switch. THIS was one feature that worked. Trust me.

  • Da Rajib

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