standard Microsoft Purchases Nokia Trademark Names, Including “Lumia” “Asha” and “Pureview

gsmarena_001When Microsoft purchased the devices and services division of Nokia last year that was a lot of confusion as the future of some of the Nokia known brand names, especially “Lumia” which has become synonymous with Windows Phone. Now it seems that Microsoft have also acquired the rights for the Lumia brand name, alongside some other trademark names such as “Asha”, “Pureview” and even “clearblack”.

Although it’s not exactly clear what Microsoft’s plans are it’s nice to see that some of these keywords, and selling points might be included; especially Pureview which for the hardcore fans of us is now a mark of excellence in mobile imaging; and lets not forget clearblack which is one of the factors that keeps me on a Nokia no matter what.

All in all pretty cool, and I suspect Microsoft will just drop the “Nokia” name from future devices and replace it with a Lumia branding, but I could be wrong.


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