standard Cortana Should Have Be Called “Alyx” + Coming to Canada This Summer

CortanaHere’s an interesting bit of (kind of useless trivia), when Microsoft were still working on WP 8.1 and the new voice assistant Cortana, they hadn’t yet decided on a name; in fact the front runner for the new voice assistant’s name was actually going to be “Alyx”. That is until someone posted a request on the Windows Phone feedback/feature request page petitioning to name her Cortana, so good work Windows Phone community!

It’s a little decision like this that has made Cortana so lovable, she’s already a name known to many gaming fans and fits the bill; it’s also a nice show of how Microsoft are responding to consumer feedback, something they’re admittedly getting better at.

In other news Cortana should apparently be ready for launch in Canada this summer, when the official WP 8.1 release is pushed out, according to reports by Mobilesyrup. It’s nice to see Microsoft ramping up the availability of their features and leaving the US Only mentality behind.


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