standard Facebook Beta Updated With Redesigned UI and Performance Enhancements


Facebook is one of the apps that is in a pretty dreadful condition on Windows Phone, the app is buggy, clunky and slow; today however Microsoft have pushed a new update for the Facebook Beta app which brings a beautiful new clean design to the app, as well as some new features.


The new UI refresh is a welcome update, as it brings a nicer whiter palate tone to the app (it looks like the iOS app a bit, which is good). Other parts of the app such as the friends list and the navigation bar have also been redesigned and reorganized; making it much nicer to use. The groups page has also been refreshed as you can see in the image above, bringing it closer to the desktop and tablet experience on other OSes.

This update also brings the much requested ability to upload videos from your phone straight to the app.DSC05614

Overall it’s a pretty nifty update, and it certainly seems smoother, but that could always just be the standard placebo effect. The Official changelog listed is:

  • Updated design
  • Improved performance
  • Video upload
  • Support for additional languages

Either way go grab the update from the link below:

Facebook BetaScan with Windows Phone


  • chris rock

    Much better, takes a curve to learn it but after a while it works and seems faster overall, kudos

    • It is an awesome update, but I find the fact that the notifications tab is the last one on the right disorienting, it should be the first one (or second after news feed).

      • chris rock

        I’m not very annoyed by that, instead I want a facebook page app, trying to get notifications from a facebook page on windows phone is a big fat FAIL